We transfer talent into products

Start where it begins...

...with people with talent. Together with them, we identify successful application scenarios based on future technologies and cross-innovations. We then create an appropriate potential business model, form a team, develop the product, bring it to market and find partners to scale the new business.


What we do

Yeehaw! benefits from over 20 years of experience in the development and marketing of products. We have acquired this through the activities of our marketing agency DIE KAVALLERIE. At Yeehaw! we are now looking to build up inspiring and substantial companies.

We are the long-term joint venture partner for innovators and gamechangers. We are committed first and foremost to convincing ideas. In our role as catalyst and accelerator, we use these ideas to create new products that put people at the center. But new products are only successful if the appropriate story, organization and network are found. As a partner and shareholder, we support talent with our six-stage program:



Discover talents and technologies

1. Discover

Based in the German Cyber Valley, Tübingen, we organize online and offline meetings to discover talents and technologies. In these, so-called "Hikes", we bring people with ideas together to discuss new solutions. Are you a talent?



Create ideas

2. Ideate

Together we identify successful and sophisticated application scenarios and create a viable product idea. With our partners and network, we develop this into a first prototype. You have a product idea?

Develop a start-up

3. Build

Together with the best possible partners, we help you form a team and establish a suitable organization with the right legal form. Then we give the product a story and a face, to connect with the relevant markets. You want to join a start-up?



Grow into the market

4. Incubate

We bring the start-up to the market and support it with marketing and our network. In doing so, we develop and accelerate the venture team and enable it to move independently in the market. Are you interested in being part of our ventures?



Establish a successful business

5. Scale

The execution of the business is now fully in the hands of the team. We support them by finding the right partners and investors to take the business to the next level. You are an investor?


Mentorship & Marketing Communication

6. Support

As initial investor, we remain on board and are ready to support the company along the way. With our marketing agency, we focus on communication and marketing, if required. Are you curious about the overall concept?


What we're passionate about

We believe that now is the time to solve challenges that we will be facing tomorrow.

What can A.I. in marketing communication do for people? How can we use digital technologies to achieve sustainability? Or why does the retail industry stick to customer experiences based on physical paths, when digital natives are used to having everything available at all times?

We are looking forward to your input and first contact.



A.I. for Marketing and Communication

Sensor Technology

Medical and Healthcare



Laser Technology


What is the business model of YEEHAW!

We believe that being a shareholder leads to maximum motivation. The deal is simple and clear. Depending on which stage we enter, we offer the venture support with an investment of 50% (Phase 2), 25% (Phase 3) or 10% (Phase 4).


What exactly does Yeehaw! do?

Depending on the individual phases, we drive venture forward with very tangible services. For example, the creation of a convincing pitch deck and a first office (Phase 2), the production of a prototype in cooperation with partners from our network, or simple yet important, the creation of a company presence with its own website (Phase 3).



Are you only keen on a maximum exit?

No, as initial investor we want to remain shareholders because we believe in long-term and sustainable company development.


What has Yeehaw! done so far?

Yeehaw! is the result of our business activities as managing partners of the agency for marketing and communication, DIE KAVALLERIE GmbH. We have started from scratch and developed products for our customers, which we then successfully positioned in the market. We believe that being a shareholder is the right way to drive new products with both their opportunities and risks. In short: With Yeehaw! we create new, relevant products in which we believe and which simply do not exist yet.


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