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Founder Bjørn Franke & Mark Pelzer

Bjørn Franke, Founder YEEHAW!
Mark Pelzer, Founder YEEHAW!


Yeehaw! is the call to start new adventures. We think it's a good and appropriate name for our incubator.

Yeehaw! is one of the results of our business activities as the managing directors of our marketing agency DIE KAVALLERIE. It is the platform from which we look for talents and solutions, which in turn are the sources for future products that are relevant to us humans. For us, Yeehaw! is also an answer to how work and business models of the future may look. Because we believe that our own fields of activity can be chosen freely, so that one can find the topics in which one's own strengths and interests are best served. You simply have to look for them and once you've found them: push them forward.

Yeehaw! is the result of more than 20 years of experience in product development and marketing. In addition, we offer a multifaceted network in which technical challenges can be solved quickly, prototypes can be created at low cost and legal questions can be answered easily. Our ventures are accompanied by DIE KAVALLERIE, our 30-strong agency team.

We look forward to your talent. We look forward to your commitment. We look forward to the new. Yeehaw!




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